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Chao Li (李超)
I'm now a 3rd year graduate student in the School of Software of SJTU. My advisor is Professor Zhengwei Qi.
My research insterests focus on Linux kernel debugger, embedded system and software engineering.
Now I'm working in the Trusted Cloud Group.

  • Signature: Do your best!


Contact Info

  • Email:, use)
  • Office: Software Building,the circular hall on the fourth floor
  • Dormitory: X48-2044
  • Employer: TBD

Personal Info.

  • Birthday: Aug.12, 1986
  • Hometown: Anhui
  • Religion: Atheism

Project in school

  • GPU 加速比
The medical equipment scans the person's body locutions. Computer need rebuilds image. 
This project compares data process on CPU with GPGPU, and tests how much faster GPGPU than CPU.
  • 脑电蓝牙项目
There is a device that can detect signal of brain. The device sends the signal data 
to control center through Bluetooth. My program receives the data and rebuilds
the wave form and analyses the current state to make sure the driver is not tired.
  • 基于Xen的内核源码调试器

Intern experience

  • 2012.5~2012.9
At Fairchild company, I workd in MCCC(Mobile Computing Communication Center) division.
I use Java language to program an android app on Fairchild phone. The app introduces the
Fairchild Mobile department chipset information.
The app can detect the current state and register values of chip.
  • 2011.10~2012.3
At Intel, I worked in EPSD(Enterprise Platform Solutions Division) division. 
I used C Language to program the Firmware app. During this intern, I learn to use vim, gdb and shell,
and know about memory manager and process scheduling. I join in the development of BMC module on ARM 9.

Work experience

  • 2010.1~2010.8
In Shanghai Longcheer holdings limited, I worked to develop input method. 
Also the platform is BREW, but the system is WCDMA. I experienced to use C Language.
Such as C point, virtual function table and callback. I was experiencing in CC, CQ, JTAG and 3-part lib.
  • 2008.8~2009.7
In BYD Co., Ltd. I worked as a software engineer to develop MMS of a brand handset. 
We use BREW platform of Qualcomm company. The system of the handset is CDMA.
I experienced to use C++ Language, debug skill, virtual function table and callback.
I was experiencing in CC, CQ, JTAG.


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